It all started with a sweater...

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As a woman in recovery it was hard to find gifts for other women, for every birthday and celebration you shop for, all the gifts for women are geared to wine and the gifts for men are about beer and drinking. Gone are the days of buying a bottle of wine on the way to a birthday dinner - but what do you buy now that you’re clean and sober? The gift options are limited... flowers, books and gift cards seemed to be the only options. Until now...
I designed a sober af sweater for myself for a facebook post and immediately my inbox was full of messages from others looking to get the sweater and from there RECVRD was born. What started as a fun little sweater amongst friends has quickly grown into a clean and sober clothing line and a collection of gifts for people in recovery.
My mission with RECVRD is to provide quality products for people to celebrate their recovery. To show the world and those still suffering in the darkness that we don't have to live there anymore. We believe recovery to be a way of life that should be shared, to create a community of support for those recovering from addiction.
Join us and tell the world you to have RECVRD.

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